Join us for the largest display of Ford vehicles in Australia!

The 28th All Ford Day will be held on Sunday 17th February 2019 at Sutcliffe Reserve 240-268 Plantation Road, Corio

Open to clubs and individuals alike, entrants are asked to register their vehicles to be displayed or judged in a number of categories.

Spaces fill fast so we recommend pre-registration to guarantee your spot and receive the following great benefits:

  • Discounted entry fee
  • Complimentary event program
  • Direct access to the show car arena
  • Email acceptance notification of receipt of registration and payment


Vintage & Special
  • This is for pre 1960, Historically Significant or Racing Vehicles
  • 1 vehicles with up to 5 passengers display only (individual or club)
Display Only
  • 1 vehicles with up to 5 passengers display only (individual or club)
  • 1 vehicles with up to 5 passengers entered in the Judging category
On The Day
  • 1 vehicles with up to 5 passengers display only (individual or club)[/
  • Vehicles are display only – not judged
  • Subject to Availability
  • Not parked in club sections

Judging Categories

If you choose to have your car as part of the Show ‘N’ Shine Judging below is a list of categories that you can enter. Trophies will be awarded to the category winner and runner up.

No. Judging Category No. Judging Category No. Judging Category
1 Best Falcon, XK – XP 17 Best Falcon GT, Replica 33 Best “F” Series
2 Best Falcon, XR – XT 18 Best FPV GT, BA – BF 34 Best Thunderbird
3 Best Falcon ,XW – XY 19 Best FPV non-GT, BA – BF 35 Best Customline / Mainline AUS
4 Best Falcon, XA – XC 20 Best FPV GT, FG 36 Best Customline / Victoria USA
5 Best Falcon, XD – XH 21 Best FPV non-GT, FG 37 Best Model T/ Model A
6 Best Falcon, EA – ED 22 Best Falcon Hardtop,  XA – XC 38 Best Early Side Valve V8
7 Best Falcon, EF – EL 23 Best Mustang, ‘64 – ‘66 39 Best Anglia/Prefect
8 Best Falcon, AU 24 Best Mustang, ‘67 -’73 40 Best Capri
9 Best Tickford, AU 25 Best Mustang, ‘74 – ’04 41 Best Cortina
10 Best Falcon, BA – BF 26 Best Mustang, ‘05 -’14 42 Best Escort
11 Best Falcon, FG – FG-X 27 Best Mustang  ‘15 onward 43 Best Focus
12 Best Falcon GT, XR – XT 28 Best Fairlane, pre ‘67 44 Best Zephyr/Zodiac/Consul
13 Best Falcon GT , XW – XY 29 Best Fairlane, ‘67 – ‘72 45 Best Ute/Panel Van
14 Best Falcon GTHO 30 Best Fairlane/LTD, ‘72 – ‘88 46 Best Sports Car
15 Best Falcon GT, XA – XB 31 Best Fairlane/LTD, ‘88  onward 47 Best Hot Rod
16 Best Falcon GT, EB – EL 32 Best Galaxie 48 Best Non Category vehicle
49 Powered by Ford

Paper Entry

If you prefer to enter manually please download our paper entry form below

Paper entry download

and return it to :

All Ford Day

6 Brougham Street Geelong
Phone: 03 5215 11 81
Fax: 03 5223 1720

Enter as a Club

If you would like to enter the 2018 All Ford Day as a club please download the club entry form

Club Entry Form Download


and return it to :

All Ford Day

6 Brougham Street Geelong
Phone: 03 5215 11 81
Fax: 03 5223 1720

Terms and Conditions
  • All vehicles wanting to be judged must have registered to be eligible
  • After the registration closing date all registered vehicles will receive an entrant sticker by mail
  • Entry to show car arena will open at 7:00 am
  • All cars to be judged must be on the show car arena by 9:30 am
  • All display only cars to be on the show car arena by 10:00 am
  • Due to Public Liability and OH&S requirements there is to be no movement of vehicles within the main show car arena from 10:00 am til 2:30 pm
  • Tow vehicles & trailer parking:
    Please use the dedicated tow vehicles and trailers parking zone. Due to OH&S these vehicles will not be allowed to enter the show car display area
    Only a limited number of places will be available on the day, entry cannot be guaranteed so please register to receive savings and a guaranteed position
  • All Ford Day is a rain or shine event. If inclement weather does occur during the event, no refunds will be given