Major Trophies

President's Choice, sponsor: Ford President's Award,    Les Humphrey,    1963 Falcon Squire White HWR 040

Best Overall Ford, sponsor: Rex Gorell Ford,    Eric & Jenny Crombie,    1939 Convertible Coupe Blue CH 5085

Best Australian Made Ford, sponsor: Ford Credit,    Eric & Jenny Crombie,    1939 Convertible Coupe Blue CH 5085

Best American Made Ford, sponsor: Eureka Sportz Saloon Cafe,    Tony & Barb Webb,    1964 XL 500 Coupe Black GAL 64

Best Presented Car Display, sponsor: Wild Westcoast Saloon,    Ricky Micallef,    1973 XA GT Falcon Gold SUPROO

 Best Presented Club Display, sponsor: RACV Ltd,    49-59 Ford Customline Car Club of Victoria Inc


Best Standard Falcon XK-XP, sponsor: The TOLL Group,    Winner: David Nolte,    1964 XM Squire Silver Grey DLN 064

Runner-up: Les Humphrey,    1963 Falcon Squire White HWR 040

Best Standard Falcon XR-XY, sponsor: P.P.G.Australia,    Winner: Wayne Broughton,    1971 XY Gold DNS 562

Runner-up: Mark Grima,    1971 XY Bronze  MYXY

Best Standard Falcon XA-XC, sponsor: Middendorp Electric Pty Ltd,    Winner: Matthew,    1978 XC Purple XCKOUP

Runner-up: Adam Grech,    1972 XA Cobalt Blue RJO 363

Best Standard Falcon XD-XF, sponsor: Beck Motor Spares,    Winner: Samuel Vella,    1984 XE Blue FUH 833

Runner-up: Lee Plenzich,    1981 XD Dark Green-Pearl 1HOT XD

Best Standard Falcon EA-AU, sponsor: Printstop,    Winner: Anthony Famulavo,    1995 EF XR6 Red XR600

Runner-up: Peter Rujanski,    1994 Xr8 Sprint Black FOG 965

Best Modified Falcon, sponsor: Budget Brake & Exhaust,    Winner: Dale Evely,    1976 XB Gold BLU OVL

Runner-up: Scott Wiggett,    1981 XD Blue WIGGY

Best GT Falcon, sponsor: Daryl Madex Trophy,    Winner: Ricky Micallef,    1973 XA GT Gold SUPROO

Runner-up: David Smith,    1970 XY GT Red KXY 033

Best GT/HO Falcon, sponsor: D.T.M. Automatic Transmissions,    Winner: Adrian Tralci,    1971 XY GT HO Ph2 White LAK 808

Runner-up: Tony Rozza,    1970 XY GT HO Track Red HOFNHO

Best Tickford Vehicle, sponsor: Tickford Vehicle Engineering,    Winner: Danny Lewis,    2001 AUII Black RDA 209

Runner-up: Peter Socratous,    1998 XR8  Navy Blue OXM 676

Best Falcon Coupe, sponsor: Just World Cars,    Winner: Dean Stewart,    1975 XB White-Green IGS 519

Runner-up: Malcolm Zammit,    XA Bordeaux Pearl IIA 132

Best Falcon Cobra, sponsor: Byrne Young Communication,    Winner: John Rennie,    1978 XC Cobra White-Blue Stripes PHT 526

Runner-up: Dale & Christine Duffin,    1978 Cobra Blue-White AHH 023

Best Mustang, sponsor: Ford Discovery Centre,    Winner: Phill Beresford,    1995 Mustang Convertible Silver GTV 895

Runner-up: Lee Vella,    1966 Mustang Bright Yellow PNY BOY

Best Fairlane/Galaxy/LTD, sponsor: Sphinx Entertainment Centre,    Winner: Tony & Barb Webb,    1964 XL500 Coupe Black GAL 64

Runner-up: Anthony Vella,    1961 Fairlane Red-White PLP 521

Best Thunderbird, sponsor: Shannons Insurance,    Winner: Barry Lowrie,    1965 Convertible Blue TB 0065

Runner-up: Rod McPadden,    1965 Convertible White CH 2945

Best Customline, sponsor: Allsport Trophies,    Winner: Alan & Beryle McKenzie,    1957 Customline Blue-White CUZ 351

Runner-up: Col Farnham,    1956 Victoria Aqua-White LODOWN

Best Compact Fairlane, sponsor: Autopro,    Winner: Barry Johnston,    1963 Fairlane 500 Midnight Blue FCI963

Runner-up: Mark Glover,    1963 Fairlane Convertible Monza Red SIXTI-3

Best Escort, sponsor: Rally Motors,    Winner: Mario Debono,    1973 Mk1 Blue MK 120

Runner-up: Adam Tozer,    1979 RS 2000 Bright Orange PKW 470

Best Hot Rod-Ford Powered, sponsor: Purdey and Partners,    Winner: Clayton Trotter,    1928 A Roadster Orange 0228 SR

Runner-up: Manny,    1928 A Model Purple SICK 28

Best Early V8 (up to 1950), sponsor: Le Parisien restaurant,    Winner: Eric & Jenny Crombie,    1939 Convertible Coupe Blue CH 5085

Runner-up: Paul Elliot,    1948 Mercury Red PE 666

Best "F" Series, sponsor: Repco - Geelong,    Winner: Bartolo,    1948 Ford Fire Red POPS 48

Runner-up: David Sheppard,    1979 350 Dually White IKY K99

Best Cortina Mk1-Mk2, sponsor: Marshalltown Motors,    Winner: Matt Gauchi,    1967 Cortina Mk2 Green HOT MK2

Runner-up: Max Kenworthy,    1965 Lotus Cortina White-Green CH 3923

Best Cortina, sponsor: Geelong Car Sound,    Winner: Rachel Young,    1976 TD Cortina Yellow EHB 351

Runner-up: Michael Micallef,    1982 TF Yellow TF 0200

Best Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac, sponsor: Johnny Major & Son.    Winner: Ron Barker,    1954 Zephyr Beige  GFO 862

Runner-up: Evan Harrison,    1965 Zephyr Blue FCU 741

Best Capri, sponsor: Ford Co-op Credit Society,    Winner:  Paul Demanuele,    1970 V6 GT 3000 Red MOCCO

Runner-up: Shannon Reeves,    1969 Capri Green IOK 660

Best Light Commercial, sponsor: Safety Motors,    Winner: Tim Miller,    1967 Falcon Van Red Pearl NJS 135

Runner-up: Peter Rujanoski,    2001 Falcon XR Ute Black RIA 340

Best Unclassified Vehicle, sponsor: Brumar Pty Ltd,    Winner: Jason Skinner,    1974 Landau White LVH 568

Runner-up: Alan & Beryle McKenzie,    1955 Sunliner Convertible Blue-White SUN055